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Friday Phone Dump

Full disclosure- we all swapped photos throughout this trip, so not all of these were taken by me! I edited all of them, and they were all taken on phones :)

Also, hi Ben, Zoe, and Josh! We miss you already!

1-2) On Friday, we went on a trip to NYC to see some of our friends from England (Ben, Zoe, and Josh)! Ben had a work thing in Boston which he and Zoe turned into an NYC trip…then they invited us to join, then we all invited Josh! We had an amazing time, so you’re going to see a whole lot more photos from that trip plus two more from the rest of the week :) Soooooo here we go:


3-32) On our first morning (after sleeping in), we had breakfast at The Cupping Room Cafe then took the Subway to Central Park WHICH WAS SNOWY! It has been a dream since the last time I was in NYC (2007) to come back in the snow, and we saw so. much. snow. on this trip.


33-46) After the park, we ate some yummy Korean food and got some coffee (and an oat milk hot chocolate), and walked to Grand Central Station. What a dreamy city.


47-57) The next morning, we ate breakfast at the sweetest little cafe, Tiny’s, then walked (and sang…for some reason haha) over to City Hall and then to the Brooklyn Bridge. Oh, and Zoe and Josh were arguing and then I snagged a photo of them being cutie little friends :)


58-64) We walked across the bridge! And I was actually able to do it (unlike the Golden Gate Bridge) this time- I loved it.


65-76) After crossing the bridge, we walked around DUMBO and got pizza and more coffee :) Obviously.


77-88) The big snowstorm started after we crossed the Brooklyn Bridge, so we headed back to Midtown to walk on the High Line before it got too snowy and wet…by the time we got back to the hotel we all looked like we had jumped in a pool. So we freshened up before going back to Brooklyn haha


89-91) We trekked through the snowstorm to hang out in Brooklyn with my sweet friend, Eliza, from Everlane! It was lovely to meet her IRL, and she recommended sooo many good places to eat including Cafe Mogador (amazing Moroccan food) where we went after drinks for Josh’s birthday. This was easily the best meal we had the whole trip (and all of our meals were fantastic)- wine, hummus, and tagines while the snow was coming down hard outside. So special.


92-98) More walking in the snow- like Narnia in the city :)


99-107) More breakfast (feat. matching plaid) at Nickel & Diner and shopping at Everlane.

108-113) Then coffee at Everyman Espresso and MoMA- I love a good art museum <3


114-118) The others went to a Nets game that night, so Colin and I got Thai food and walked around the city some more. The flatiron building was so cool!


119-126) Last breakfast at Tribeca’s Kitchen (GF chocolate chip pancakes FTW), then the 9/11 Memorial (I didn’t take any photos because it would’ve felt weird to). It was so beautiful and moving- I’m so glad we got to see it.

127-128) Coffee at Blue Bottle (can’t keep the Bay away lol) where we made Colin wear Josh’s coat to match his “writer/architect” vibe he had going with the hat.


129-131) The last thing we got to do was stop by Trinity Church and saw the place where Alexander and Eliza Hamilton are buried. We are finally going to get to see Hamilton in April, and I can’t even wait!


132) Last view of the city before flying home with a cold (>-<) Such an amazing trip!

133-134) Josh sent us his last view of the city from the top of the World Trade Center- I wasn’t interested in going up that high, but I sure am glad he did!

135-136) Back at home with a cold vibes :)

This weekend I’ll be focusing on getting over this cold- I hope your weekend is gorgeous!