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Friday Phone Dump

“if you can’t help but love with raw vulnerability, just let it be a beautiful way about you, some things are going to hurt like a force, but the beautiful things will be magic

// butterflies rising

1-2) Spriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing


3-5) I had a little birthday party on Saturday, and it was so wonderful to have everyone together in our apartment for tacos and cake and champagne and fishbowl :) I’m so grateful for all of these people!

6-7) Scenes from a busy day including Colin reading his book about bikes on the bus

8-9) My kind friend, Bree, brought me these greens and some flowers for my birthday (and GF cupcakes!), and I’ve loved looking at them (and smelling them) all week- which you can clearly see based on these photos of two different mugs of tea next to them :)


10-17) I got to “commute” up to San Francisco yesterday to work from the Everlane headquarters! It was so fun to be in the city, see the beautiful office (including the bathroom mirror that apparently requires selfies to be taken in it lol), and spend some time IRL with my coworkers who I’ve only met online before. I loved getting to hang out with Mallory, Alexis, and Fabiola, and also Nathania who didn’t make it into this photo :(

ps- those balloons aren’t always there, they were having a celebration in honor of Everlane’s new sustainable sneaker brand that’s coming soon!

18-19) After going to the office, I got to hang out with another virtual coworker of mine, Lauren, as well as my photographer friend, Annie! Annie took me to this vegan sushi place where we had some great sushi and I tried my first bowl of ramen (because they had gluten free!!!!!!). It was so yummy, and I’m already missing the city and those people!

This weekend will be pretty chill for us, and I hope yours is too!