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Friday Phone Dump

Sorry I’m not sorry for being 3 weeks behind on a phone dump, but I just started a new part time job with Everlane and training has kept me quite busy! I’m really excited about my new job, though. And I should be able to get back to photography and my Etsy shop now that I’ve actually started working :)

1-4) Colin and I went to LA for a week for his work! I was basically in front of my laptop the whole time doing job training, but I managed to spend the in-between times exploring DTLA a little too. I love love love a proper downtown. I do not know why but I think they are magic, truly. How cute is the LA Café?


5-9) Literally everyone I asked told me to check out The Last Bookstore while we were there, so I did! It was really quirky and fun, and I wanted to buy all the books but I made myself choose just one. I’m not really a goal-setting person, but if I was I would make a goal of 2019 to visit more bookstores and libraries for sure :)


10-19) Pretty pretty city

20-23) We ate lots of yummy food (thanks to everyone who gave us their recommendations!) while we were in LA, but one of my favorite places was BS Taquería! Their guacamole blew my mind, and their rice and beans was like nothing I’ve ever had before: so spicy, so fantastic. 10/10 would recommend! Also, if you like sushi, go to Sugarfish…that was my other fave


24) Y’all. You probably remember my post from back in September when this book came out that I was 60th in line to get it from the library, and it FINALLY DROPPED into my Overdrive app while we were in LA. Holy goodness, it is so great—easily my favorite in the series so far! If you love these books and want to talk about them, send me a message because WOWilovethem. ps—I could not love the audio versions of these books more. pps—shout out to my girl, Maddy, who loves these books with me and who dealt with me texting her my thoughts and feelings and theories the whole time I was listening :)

25-26) Another great spot in LA to eat breakfast by oneself while listening to an audiobook, the Blu Jam Cafe.


27-29) Since I now work for Everlane, we thought we should go check out their popup shop at the Grove (another place everyone said we should see) and it was lovely! Such a cute little space full of lots of shoes and bags I was excited to see in person.

30-31) Geeking out over the CBS studios where James Corden films the Late Late Show and the crosswalk where they film crosswalk the musical :)

32) By our last night, we were pretty tired. So we ordered some italian food online (mushroom risotto FTW) and went to pick it up along with a bottle of wine so we could enjoy it in our hotel room while watching The Good Place. It was perfect.

33) Flying out of Burbank— see you soon, LA!

34-37) When we got back to San Jose, we realized the smoke from the wildfires had gotten so much worse than it was when we left. I could barely go outside without choking (I have asthma), so I stayed inside as much as possible and wore a mask when I had to be out so I wouldn’t choke. It was terrible, but it was so so much worse for those who lost everything in the actual fires. Our hearts are all pretty heavy thinking about it.

38-39) The day before Thanksgiving, we got rain for the first time since April, and it cleared up the air for us. I can’t even describe how nice it felt to step outside and take a deep breath of fresh air that morning—so sweet.


40) Our Thanksgiving spread—that green bean casserole may have gotten a little burnt, but it was still my very very favorite


41-45) This rain has just been the most refreshing and wonderful thing, and it’s really made it feel like the seasons have changed properly! Of course, it now feels like Fall even though it should be Winter, but you won’t hear me complaining about that (even though Winter is my most favorite) :)


46-56) The Saturday after Thanksgiving, we went up to San Francisco for the Etsy Holiday Emporium to do some Christmas shopping and to see the city. We made sure to stop by Union Square to see the decorations, and this gigantic tree did not disappoint! It was one of my favorite trips yet. Again, cities can just be magic magic magic. I adore you, San Francisco.

57-60) Things have been quiet and cozy around here this week since I’ve spent most of my time working and it’s been on the chilly side :) I love it! Also, please look at this gorgeous Hogwarts snow globe my sweet St. Louis family sent me as a Christmas gift! I mean….tears. Actual tears. Thank you so much, guys!

This weekend we’ll be enjoying the chilly weather and baking some cookies. I hope your weekend is the coziest!



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