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Friday Phone Dump

“I’m building my life on the world’s greatest mystery- the only sure thing I know”

// The Apricot Memoirs

1-2) I realize it’s full-on Winter, but I’m still excited about all the Fall colors that are lingering around here. The best of both worlds :)


3-5) We went to San Francisco this weekend to hang out with friends, and Colin took those first two lovely photos that I’ve now stolen. Clearly he has epic vertical panorama skills. The last one is from a lovely Christmas tree market at Ft Mason— it made me reeeeeeeally want a real tree!

6-9) I do my shifts for Everlane in our living room by the window, which is extra lovely this time of year since the sun is so low in the sky. It makes the nicest patterns throughout the day, and it’s only made sweeter by Bozeman cuddles.

10) We decided to focus our desire for a real Christmas tree by getting a wreath made with real pine and juniper :) it smells incredible

11) That winter light again

12-13) Yesterday’s sunset was just extra lovely!

This weekend we’re going to Colin’s office Christmas party and wrapping Christmas presents :) I hope your weekend is full of holiday cheer!



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