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Friday (Monday) Phone Dump

What day of the week is it? I don’t even know. My apologies for getting this Friday Phone Dump to you on a Monday! Hopefully it’s a good start to your week though :)


1-3) I don’t remember the last time I carved a pumpkin, but Colin really wanted to do one this year, so we decided to go with a basic Harry Potter logo :) The best part was roasting the seeds and munching on them all weekend…yummmm

4-7) Oh man, last weekend was bittersweet. You’ve probably heard me talk about our friends, Matt and Sloane, before (hi, guys!). Colin and I have known Sloane since school, and as they’ve been living in San Francisco for a few years now, it’s been so sweet for us to have them close by during our first year in the Bay! They moved back to Oklahoma this week, and we are so so excited for them, but we’re also so so sad to see them go :( We love these two, and we miss them already!

8-11) We’ve had a car for two weeks thanks to my friend, Vivian, being on vacation (thanks again, Vivian!), so we used it to drive up the coast last weekend! I love living here SO. MUCH. I’m just smitten. These photos are from Pescadero and Ocean Beach in San Francisco—so dreamy.

12-13) Lots of pretty sunsets are happening here these days, here’s one from the roof of our apartment complex!

14) Part of having the car involved running several errands that are harder to run without a car, like going to IKEA haha This photo is from the sea of shopping carts by the marketplace part of the store, fascinating, right?

15) Pretty rainbows in our apartment :)

It’s Monday, so I’ll share what happened this weekend on Friday, but today I’m doing my research so I can vote tomorrow! VOTE VOTE VOTE! Ok, that’s all. Have a great week, everyone!



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