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Friday Phone Dump

“It’s one long poem, epic and sprawling. Began on cave walls with firelight, stretched across continents in their infancy, over mountains, over seas. Whitman knew, and contributed his, others before, others after, many upon many, all shapes of all words. I, too, now.

Life is this, spanning and endless, and we are but sentences, but verse. What will mine say, the one that sticks, what will I lend to this sonnet, to this ballad, to this ode?”

// Tyler Knott Gregson

1-12) Last weekend, we spent our last day with the car we borrowed from Vivian hiking in the Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve in hopes of catching a great sunset :) We succeeded.

13-14) Home in autumn

15-16) I was so excited to vote this week even though it feels like a lot of work and studying and coordinating to make an educated decision! When I was done, I was greeted by this very California view, and I just felt really grateful to be here.


17-45) I had the pleasure of assisting with a styled shoot this week alongside some really lovely people! My friend, Bree, was the photographer who invited me, and I’m going to go ahead and list everyone else involved here because they were all great. I mean, look at all of this! This house is listed on AirBnb and it. is. unreal. Female model is Paulina Perucci, male model is Hugo Lopez. Venue is The Ocean View Santa Cruz. Makeup by Pauline Farace, hair by Julianne Jenson. Coordinator is Weddings by Aimee, Florist/Rentals Bonny Doon Garden, Favors and accents by Ashby Confections and Fish Princess Farm. Cake by Buttercup Cakes (I love this place!). Cocktails by Marsha Meyer and Bernie’s Mixology. Videography by Weddings and Motion.

This weekend I have family in town, so we’ll be spending some time with them after cleaning up our very messy apartment. I also plan on watching lots of The West Wing, my new love :)

I hope your weekend is fantastic!



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