Mary O Photography


Dreamy Carmel, California

The beach in Carmel is one of my absolute favorites we've been to since living in California.  The white, soft sand and never-ending sparkle is so lovely, and the color of the water is magic regardless of the season.  

I rented a tilt-shift lens to play with for this trip, so I thought I'd share this dreamy beach through my extra dreamy lens with you today--enjoy!

Also, shout out again to my friends, Kourtni, Danielle, and Jacob, for coming to visit.  Miss you all!

IMG_0121 copy.jpg
IMG_0129 copy.jpg
IMG_0119 copy.jpg
IMG_0147 copy.jpg
IMG_0155 copy.jpg
IMG_0240 copy.jpg
IMG_0280 copy.jpg
IMG_0288 copy.jpg
IMG_0380 copy.jpg
IMG_0368 copy.jpg

I hope your day is lovely!