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Friday Phone Dump

"You do care [...] you care so much you feel you will bleed to death with the pain of it"

-- Dumbledore, JK Rowling

1-8) Most of my days consist of walking or biking around San Jose (or sitting at home editing).  I'm constantly inspired by this place and the details I see all around me--so that's what I take photos of :)  I've been warming up my Instagram feed for the summer, so I think that's where this color palette is coming from.  Not sure if I'm taking photos of the same colors because of Instagram or if I'm changing my Instagram because I'm inspired by these colors...but either way I'm inspired and it's changing so what can you do? haha  Side note: bougainvillea is about the most amazing flower ever!  Wait.  Is it a flower?  I'll have to look that up later.


9-15) We got to see the wonderful Jimmy Sutton (he's married to my honorary aunt--hi Marie!) perform with JD McPherson in San Francisco with Sloane and Matt!  It was a fantastic show, and I've been listening to their new album on repeat since then--SO GOOD

16-23) More details from our apartment and walks around San Jose!  I know what you're thinking--"this is exactly the type of thrilling content I showed up here for!"  Yeah yeah, sometimes life isn't that exciting, and that doesn't mean it isn't great.  As an introvert, I am treasuring this season full of quiet and space to breathe and think.  This week has been tough for a whole lot of reasons; it's been one year since Colin's grandma passed away, and one year since we were in San Jose for the very first time for Colin's interview at his company, one year since making the decision to move here.  Somehow, it's been a year since all of that.  The concept of time, am I right?  Anyway, we've needed the space to breathe reflecting on all of that.

This weekend we get to meet our brand new nephew in Houston and we are so looking forward to it!  I hope your weekend is so lovely.