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Friday Phone Dump

"How wonderfully you have grown since July of last year.  Over rivers, over mountains, through an ocean of your fears.  Learning to believe over and over again, no matter the darkness, light is still pouring in."

// Morgan Harper Nichols

if you are on Instagram and you aren't following this girl, you are  m i s s i n g  o u t . 



1-2) Lots of Bozeman photos this week!  This was him earlier this week waiting for me to get up in the morning.  Also, the airport floor for your enjoyment :)  Our friend, Josh (the one from two phone dumps ago), flew back through San Jose on his way home to England.  That's why we were at the airport!


3-13)  Josh's international flight was out of the Oakland airport (we miss you already, Josh!), and we happened to have tickets to the A's vs Giants game that evening.  So we drove him to the airport and spent the day in Oakland.  We'd never been there before, and we loved it!  It's such a cute city with so much to see.  We ate lunch at Belly, grabbed coffee from Modern Coffee, and visited the loveliest shop called Kosa!  The game was with Colin's work, so we got to hang out with our friend, Tony, while we were there--he's pretty cool :)

ALSO: for the post-game fireworks, they let a bunch of people out on the field!  It was so cute to see all the little families set up their blankets and get comfy before the epic fireworks show.  Like a big movie night or something!

14-15) My friend from high school, Cassidy (hi, Cass!), was here for 24 hours over the weekend, so we took her to Carmel!  It was sunny the whole drive there until we got to the coast, where it was 65 degrees and foggy/misty.  We still had a lovely time though, and it made me think we need to take a vacation this wintersomewhere in Carmel with a fireplace and access to hot chocolate.  I love a good cloudy ocean day!


16) Bozeman was wiped out after the beach day!


17) My friend, Pauline, is a esthetician and we're planning a styled shoot for this weekend!  I'm sure I'll share the photos from the shoot here, but until then here's a peek into our planning session!

18-21) Some location scouting, some shadows that inspire me in general :)

22-23) This is where I found Bozeman in the middle of laundry day haha he was fully nuzzled into the pile of blankets 

24-25) More location scouting for our styled shoot this weekend.  Hopefully it will be awesome!  Check in on Instagram if you want to see a little BTS action before Friday :)

Other than the shoot, this is our last free weekend we have for a little while, so we're going to be soaking up the free time as much as we can!  I hope your weekend is great.



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