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Friday Phone Dump

"When the world is heavy, may your soul be steady, seeking light-woven peace in the darkness of things.  Step full into the present, looking long at your surroundings, singing 'there is more than where I am.  there is more than what I see.  there is more to this life, and there is more to me.'"

// Morgan Harper Nichols


1-5) My friend, Pauline, and I put together this styled shoot in one week!  We already had the concept planned, but we didn't have a model, location, or wardrobe until a few days before.  Thanks so much to the lovely, Lauren, for modeling!  I'll be showing you the actual photos from this soon!

6-7) Clearly it's been an eventful week around here haha  Here's a photo of my homemade corn tortillas, and another one of Bozeman buried in laundry!  My brother and sister-in-law will be here starting this weekend, so this week has been chill in preparation of them coming.  

I hope your weekend is lovely!



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