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Friday Phone Dump

"Maybe i’m hiding behind metaphor
Maybe my heart needs to break to be sure
One day i’ll wear it all on my sleeve
The insignificant with the sacred unique

Bodies fashioned out of dirt and dust
For a moment we get to be glorious

What if we already are
Who we’ve been dying to become
In certain light i can plainly see
A reflection of magnificence
Hidden in you
Maybe even in me"

// Sleeping at Last


1-12) Well, here we go again with our tours of the Bay Area when people come to visit haha  You may have seen on Instagram that my brother and sister-in-law were in town last week.  We started off their trip by taking them to San Francisco!  Colin wasn't able to take any time off of work, so we decided Sunday in SF would be the best with him.  We had a great time exploring the city as always, and I'm ready to go back ASAP


13-16) The next day I took them to Santa Cruz to look around town and have a relaxing beach day.  It was 85 degrees and sunny outside, which is by far the hottest I've ever felt it there!  The water was still freezing though, per usual :)


17-20) These are shots from dinner at one of our favorite SJ spots, Luna, dessert at CREAM, the amazing sun dial at the Rose Garden, and the smoky sky at Palm Haven Park.  We spent Tuesday exploring San Jose on electric scooters--what's not to love?


21-23) We decided last-minute after dinner to drive up the East Hills and see if we could catch the sunset.  We didn't see the actual sunset, but we did get to see some good color and a very sparkly San Jose from the top.  Also, so much smoke!


24-34) The next day we went to Big Basin State Park and then to our favorite beach just North of Santa Cruz.  Apparently August is the foggiest month on this part of the coast, so it's lovingly called "Fog-ust" which I didn't know until last week.  Let me tell you, it was seriously foggy for big chunks of our drive and even during some of our time at the beach.  Crazy.


35-43) Ok, I've been trying to find this beach since we caught a glimpse of it when Kourtni, Danielle, and Jacob were here and since my friend, Melissa, posted a photo here!  We finally found it, and do you see why we wanted to?  How gorgeous, right?!

44-47) Another day, another beach :)  On Thursday, we went to Monterey to walk on the trail, check out the otters (and jellyfish and seals and sea lions), and wade as far into the ocean as we were willing before our legs went numb haha  Mostly I did a lot of reading Harry Potter on these beaches so I was pretty happy! 

Sidenote: I take lots of photos of my SunBum at the beach, but it's only because I wear it everyday, it goes with me almost everywhere, and it matches my vintage sheet and sunglasses perfectly--how could I not take the photo?


48-50) For their last day, I took Zack and Lesa to Carmel where it was very foggy and a little chilly and we had a lovely time building sandcastles (well, they built a sandcastle while I read haha) and eating fantastic food from my new favorite place, Flaherty's.


51-53) Oh yeah, and we stopped by Bixby Creek Bridge before going home!

54-55) We dropped them off at the airport very early on Saturday morning, so Colin and I made sure to catch the sunrise before spending the weekend cleaning and relaxing.

56-57) I got to take some headshot photos for my new friend, Keala, this week!  We took most of them in our apartment complex since there are so many beautiful plants and walls here.  It was so fun--thanks to Pauline for snapping that BTS photo!

58-59) Silly Bozeman :)

Well, that's it!  This weekend I'm getting my hair cut (like, really cut--ahh!) and we're taking it easy since the next two weeks will be absolutely bananas for us.  I hope your weekend is peaceful and lovely!