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Friday Phone Dump

"Don't feel stupid if you don't like what everyone else pretends to love"

// Emma Watson

1-2) I got a haircut!  This is by far the shortest I've had my hair in 8 years--crazy!  It's taken some getting used to, but overall I love it :)


3-5) Last weekend, Colin and I went to our favorite Korean restaurant for dinner in Japantown, and we discovered a little "art walk" that was going on!  It featured free (!!!) coffee from Verve and live music, so we very much enjoyed having a little wander around the block.

6-7) Morning light in our apartment and a shot from the corner in downtown San Jose

8-11) We've been in Dallas the past couple of days for a work conference Colin had!  We've had to wake up super early since we've been here, so I caught the sunrise coming through our hotel window yesterday :)


12-17) Since Colin's been at his conference, I've been using our time here to meet up with some of my Texas friends!  Yesterday I drove to Abilene to see my dear friend, Tabitha (she's in Lubbock, so Abilene was about halfway), then I drove back to Fort Worth to see my other dear friend (and my big from our sorority), Amanda.  It was over six hours of driving in one day, but it was very very worth it :)  Also, how extra is that tiger-striped carpet with my beaded bag and chai latte?  Very extra.


18-26) My last stop in Dallas was to spend some time with my lovely friend, Brooke (she reads this blog more loyally than anyone else--hi Brooke!!).  She showed me her apartment's view of the Dallas skyline, this hidden park that looks like it came straight out of NYC or Paris, and the yummiest little French bistro.  It was wonderful!  Now I'm sitting in Houndstooth Coffee (where that photo of the palms in the window was taken) writing this blog while I wait for Colin's last bit of conference to be over.  

This weekend we'll be in OKC for a hot minute meeting our new honorary nephew and visiting my grandparents!  I hope your weekend is the best!



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