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Friday Phone Dump

1) Our friends, Brian and Morgan, came to stay with us this week and it was lovely. It was Brian’s birthday, so I made an apple pie! I don’t make pie very often, so we had to take a photo to document it :)

2) The first place we took Brian and Morgan was Santa Cruz—this photo is from Verve where I had a very marshmallow-y, spicy chai latte that was the dreamiest!


3-14) Exploring the coast!


15-24) The next day we went to San Francisco and met up with our friends, Jefferson and Laura. Gah, I love that city.


25) For Brian’s actual birthday, we had a chill day in San Jose which ended in the East Hills to take some photos and watch the sunset. It was lovely—also look at the moon behind us! So beautiful.

26-27) Before dropping them off at the airport, we stopped by the Rose Garden for a picnic :)

This weekend I’m assisting my friend, Vivian, in coordinating a wedding! Then I have some photo shoots to do in preparation for my Etsy Shop launch on Monday! AH! If you want to know when the shop goes live, you can follow along on the A Quiet Lovely Instagram page :)

I hope your weekend is calming and happy!



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