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Friday Phone Dump

“The beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, & not to twist them to fit our own image.

Otherwise we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them”

// Thomas Merton

1-2) It’s slowly starting to look more like Fall here! I’m looking forward to going to the coast sometime to feel the proper Fall vibes. Not sure when we’ll actually make it there, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time :)


3-9) I had the privilege of helping my friend, Vivian, coordinate a wedding with Desert Child Events a couple weekends ago! It was so gorgeous and the people there were so lovely, I had the best time. Photographing weddings is my favorite, but probably my next favorite is decorating them and making them look pretty. Here are some of the other vendors that made this gorgeous event happen: Fitz Place, Ashley Purple Photography, Ann’s Petal’s, Catered Too!


10-12) Vivian was sweet enough to help me out with my Etsy shop photos the same weekend we worked the wedding together! If you want to see the photos we got, just look at the listing photos on each item in the shop :) She also snapped a few film photos of Colin and I, which I just love so so much! That last one is a film photo, not a phone one. Thanks, Vivian!

13-16) More pretty Fall moments :)

17-18) The next weekend, I also got to work a wedding! This time I was a photography assistant for my friend, Liza, at Juniper Spring Photography. It was lovely lovely, and these photos are from the forest where the ceremony took place at Berkley Botanical Gardens!


19) My best had her second baby last week! It so surreal that so many big life moments are represented in screenshots like this, but that’s what happens when you’re not physically with everyone you love. Welcome to the world, little Nash! And congratulations to Chelsea, Sean, and sweet Townes on your new family member!


20) Colin and I went to Cancún with our friends instead of going to our 10 year high school reunion! To everyone who was sad we weren’t at the reunion, I’m sorry, but we had to choose between paying for a flight to Oklahoma and paying for a flight to Mexico…wouldn’t you have done the same thing? Haha, anyway, this was the photo we sent our friends when we got on the plane way earlier than we would have preferred to be awake.


21-34) Colin’s been friends with the same group of guys (called “The Five”) since elementary school! The whole group didn’t get together until middle school (I think, sorry if I’m wrong about that, guys), and they’ve all been friends ever since. They were groomsmen in each others’ weddings, and they’re just the cutest little group of best friends you ever did see :) It was so great to go on this trip with them and their significant others, and of course to spend more time with baby Cyrus (who you may remember from when we went to Houston earlier this year)! Also, the group photo of us is from my DSLR, not my phone.


35) Oh man, I have been seriously missing Chicago recently! It’s one of my very favorite cities, and I haven’t properly been there since June of 2017. We got to fly through on our way home from Mexico, and it was so sweet to get this little view out of my window where I could see the sun setting over all the trees that were changing colors. Seriously, that city is magic and I’m in love. We have a long list of places in the US we’ve never seen that we need to get to, but Chicago keeps adding itself to the list because we love it so so much. Anyway, I have a huge crush on the city if that wasn’t apparent. I’m not afraid to admit it :)

36-37) We got back on Tuesday night, so these past few days have been full of laundry, work, and adjusting back to non-vacation time! Speaking of that, I have a long to-do list and a sink full of dishes that need my attention, so this is where I leave you!

I promise next Friday I will be back with a regularly scheduled phone dump! It’s been pretty crazy around here what with the launch of my Etsy shop, working two weddings, and vacation. I hope your weekend takes you outside somewhere beautiful and refreshing!



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