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Friday Phone Dump

“Who are you if your story begins to change? Do not be so loyal to your suffering that your healing doesn’t stand a chance”

// Vienna Pharaon


1-3) Summer moments :)

4-6) Colin and I were in downtown San Jose and we accidentally stumbled upon the South First Friday street festival, and it was lovely. First of all, how dreamy are these purple trees? I just can’t handle them. Also, I finally found the fern I’ve been looking for for months now at this adorable little portable plant shop called Verde Alcove. I’m extra excited about that little guy, and I’m also grateful for people like Angela who know so much about their craft. She taught be so much about this fern in about 2 minutes. Thanks, Angela!

7-16) Our lovely friend, Chuck (who we’ve known since high school), came to stay with us for a few days this week starting on Sunday, so we took the opportunity to go to the beach! We’ve had unnaturally warm weather this week, so the beach was perfect. Also, the “5 avocados for $0.99” farmer who sets up his stand on the side of the PCH just North of Davenport is maybe my hero.

17-18) Monday morning, Chuck and I went to breakfast at my favorite SJ restaurant, LUNA, and it was actually perfect. Then we went to the Rose Garden before I had to work. It was also VERY HOT that day, so I literally worked by the pool all afternoon and jumped in every few minutes. Thankful to have a pool in our apartment complex, thankful to have an apartment, just thankful :)

19-20) Like any good millennial, I made some avocado toast with my side-of-the-road avocados and raspberry jalapeño jam from the farmer’s market on gluten free bread (sometimes I think I was always meant to live in CA), and it was delicious. It’s been my breakfast many times this week. Aaaaand continuing with the documentation of things I’ve eaten/drank this week, I got a smoothie from Whole Foods this week that was exactly what I needed.

21-24) Chuck had one last dinner with us at the San Pedro Square Market on an evening that was slightly cooler and it was so so nice. I love living here and sharing it with people we love :) Also, Chuck has an instagram account called “Chuck Eats Cheese” where he posts photos of cheese-based food he eats and it makes me laugh every time!

25-28) Little sleepy pups has been sad about our heat wave, but we’re all making it through haha

This weekend we’re not quite sure what we’re doing! I hope your weekend is fantastic.