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Friday Phone Dump

“refuel your soul, love. this is a long drive.”

// JH Hard


1-3) I got to help my friend, Liza, with another water shoot a few weekends ago. This time it was in a river in Sunol and so fun as usual! California, y’all. What a freakin dream.

4-5) Just adding to your collection of photos of Bozeman lying around/sleeping- thought you might be running low :)

6-8) We finally made it to the Mountain View Farmer’s Market a few weeks ago, and boy did it deliver. It’s one of the biggest (or maybe actually the biggest? not sure about that) in the area, and we have been meaning to go since we moved here (almost 2 years ago!!!). We loaded our bikes down with fruit, veg, and flowers. We’ll definitely be going back soon!

9) I emailed Sun Bum asking if they had a bulk and/or subscription program since we use them every day, and though they don’t have anything like that right now, they did give me a discount code! So, I treated it like a bulk discount and stocked up on some of my favorites. This should last us awhile :)

10) Gotta love the Hotel De Anza

11) More Bozeman for ya- what a cutie!

12-28) One of my best and dearest friends, Steph, came to stay with us for a week along with her ADORABLE son, Ben! We spent their first few days here taking it easy in San Jose starting with the Rose Garden and Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve. Also, how perfect are Ben’s aviator sunglasses? I can’t handle him.


29-41) The next day we scooted around Palm Haven Park, went to the new coffee shop in San Pedro Square Market (really great iced chai with oat milk), and adventured around Big Basin Redwoods State Park. Look how tiny we are in that tree? And again, can anyone handle how cute Ben is?! I got to sit by him on the drive, and he was just hamming it up- that kid.


42-49) On Saturday we went to SF! It was perfect as always.


50-56) I was honored to witness Ben’s first experience seeing/playing in the ocean! He wasn’t quite sure how he felt about it, but we had lots of fun watching the dogs on the beach (and the sea lions of course) and eating the sand haha


57-79) For their last full day, we drove to Monterey to walk along the ocean and visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It was my first time there, and wow- it was great. Also, so so kid friendly if you’re looking for something to do with a kid of any age in the area! Ben was so excited to get close to all the fish. And Steph and I were excited to try 2 great coffee shops in Water & Leaves and Wave Street Studios.

80) Steph and I made it a point to cook together every Friday for over a year (back in 2014-2015) as a way to become closer friends and better cooks, so of course we made some food while she was here! We made gnocci from scratch after we were in Santa Cruz, and on her last night we had blueberry crisp (with berries from the farmer’s market…sooo…it was yum) and wine and all was right with the world :)

81) Life since they left this week has been full of quiet, slow moments like this one- drinking my morning tea while working for Everlane.

We miss you already, Steph and Ben! Come back soon!

This weekend we’re taking it easy before Colin’s dad and stepmom come visit next week- it’s that time of year! I hope your weekend is sweet and lovely.