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Friday Phone Dump

“people aren’t longing to be impressed; they’re longing to feel like they’re home”

// Shauna Niequist


1-15) A couple of weekends ago, I got to help my friend, Bree, with a couple of weddings in a row. The first was in Petaluma at Olympia’s Valley Estate and the second was in San Francisco at the Palace Hotel and the St. Francis Yacht Club. Two crazy-beautiful weddings :) Be sure to see Bree’s site and instagram for more photos. Oh yeah! The guy in that group photo is our friend, Scott, who was second-shooting the first wedding. Hi, Scott!

16) I’ve been reading the Harry Potter books (what else is new?), and the 7th one has been such a joy to re-read. If you haven’t read them in awhile, may I suggest picking them up again?

17-18) My sweet friend, Lauren, came to San Jose from SF to work with me and hang out last week - it was super fun, and I love this photo we took with Bozeman. Come back, Lauren!


19-28) Youuuuuuu’re welcome for the many cute puppy photos :) Our friend, Noëmi, needed someone to puppy-sit sweet baby Caya for a day, so I happily obliged. I mean, just look at that faaaaaaace.

29-30) I took a calligraphy class with my friend, Marissa, at The Traveling Calligrapher shop downtown- I’ve been practicing ever since! I never through I could do real calligraphy (I do like copying it though), but it’s so relaxing and satisfying to learn and practice. I’d highly recommend if you’re looking for a hobby.

31) HP makes for lovely morning reading, and while it’s still been on the warmer side here during the day, it’s cooling off at night again so the mornings have been positively autumnal [insert heart-eyes here].

32) Colin is getting new glasses, so I have several photos on my phone of him trying on different frames! These aren’t the one’s he’s getting, but I do like this photo of him :)

33-34) We went out for curry the other day, and I love these shots I grabbed on the way there and home.

35-36) Just little moments from the rest of the week - bike shadows and Bozeman yawning. You know, the usual.

This weekend, I’m second-shooting a wedding with my friend, Shannon, and our friend, Josh is coming to visit us from England! I hope your weekend is full of great people :)



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