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Friday Phone Dump

“Slow down by the river, let it wash on by. For all is truly passing and you will grow in time.”

// Morgan Harper Nichols


1-2) Walking through our neighborhood at golden hour and having hot chocolate while I worked :)

3-5) I got to second-shoot a wedding with my friend, Shannon, that was on this cliff by the ocean in Carmel. I mean…how beautiful, right?


6-8) Our friend, Josh, came to stay with us for 2 weeks, so we got to spend lots of in-between time with him. Since he visited last year as well, we had already done all the big and touristy things. You’ll see more photos from his visit below. We miss you, Josh!


9-14) One evening, we went up to Oakland to do a little exploring and grab drinks with our friends. We didn’t get a group photo with everyone, but we had a great time nonetheless.


15) Bozeman loves Josh, and he spent most of the time that we were out during the days sleeping on Josh’s bed haha

16-22) Galavanting around San Francisco with Josh and Lauren: The Mission Edition.


23-34) The biggest thing we did while Josh was here was spend a weekend in Lake Tahoe with our dear friend, Tony. I think Tahoe is definitely one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen in my whole life - we loved getting to swim in the lake this time (I even tried SUPing for the first time…and finally stood up…after falling off 3 times), and Bozeman enjoyed swimming and hiking too (though he was wiped out by the end). I already can’t wait to go back! Also, we are not great at selfies, but I’m proud of us for trying 😂

35-36) We went back to San Francisco to hang out with Lauren again, and we ended up getting locked out of the house while in the backyard…luckily, her neighbors had a ladder and she had just opened the living room window before we went outside. It was also lucky that Josh was around or else we’d have had to do this part all by ourselves. Thanks again, Josh!


37-50) Galavanting around San Francisco with Josh and Lauren: Outer Sunset Edition.

51) Did someone even come to visit us if we didn’t go to Sierra Vista?


52-64) We dropped Josh off at one airport on our way to another - he flew back to England and we flew to OKC on the same day! We spent a little over a week there watching Colin’s cousin get married (congratulations Kevin and Kerri!) and catching up with sweet friends and family. I didn’t take that many photos with people, but it was so lovely to see everyone we got to see.

Those last 2 photos are of my bests, Bethany and Chelsea, and their dear husbands. They’re a recreation of some photos we took a few years ago, and I love them! This Fall marks 10 years since we all became bests, so that feels pretty extra special. Love you all forever xx


65-75) Our best, Brian, turned 30 while we were in OKC, so we took him to my family’s Ranch for his birthday :) Earlier that day, I worked a shift for Everlane from his lovely girlfriend, Morgan’s, ADORABLE house. She made me gluten free avocado toast and tea because she’s adorable just like her house. Geeze louise.

Also, I love The Ranch. We always sign the bunk beds when we stay there, and I especially loved Blake’s signature (pictured above) this time. Pretty good advice :)


76-79) Sunrise flights and dreamy airplane views.

80) It’s definitely FALL in San Jose now, and it was the loveliest thing to come home to. I’ve been feeling so inspired by the smallest moments because of it. Or maybe those just inspire me all the time anyway?

This weekend we’ll be resting and getting our apartment put back together after a crazy (as you can see here) month! I hope your weekend feels fresh and new and full.