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Playing on the 17 Mile Drive

As you've probably seen by now, our dear friends came to visit us from Oklahoma a couple of weeks ago and we had a lovely time!  For the first half of their trip, I mostly took photos on my phone (which you can find on last week's Friday Phone Dump).  The second half, however, I brought my DSLR camera with me to better capture our time together.  

The photos below are from our afternoon on the 17-mile Drive, which is an exceptionally scenic stretch of coastal road between Monterey and Carmel.  It's gorgeous, and it's also where Pebble Beach Golf Course is located in case you're a fancy golf fan :)

Shout out to Kourtni, Danielle, and Jacob for this fun day!  I'll post the photos I took at Carmel Beach on Monday so you can see the rest then.  Also, Kourtni and I passed the camera back and forth for these, so any photos of me were taken by her (thanks, love)!

IMG_9944 copy.jpg
IMG_9952 copy.jpg
IMG_9985 copy.jpg
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IMG_0046 copy.jpg
IMG_9999 copy.jpg
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I hope you're having the sweetest day!

xx love,