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Tuesday Friday Phone Dump

I've been MIA on the internet for the past more-than-a-week because I guess I just needed a break!  Also we've been suuuuper busy as you can see from these photos.  Anyway, it's important to take care of yourself, you know?

Now, for a Friday Phone Dump on a Tuesday!

1-2) Picking up where I left off, these are snaps from Houndstooth Coffee in Dallas where I wrote my last phone dump.  It was a lovely space, and the chai latte I had was a little on the sweet side and very delicious :)


3) We drove straight from Dallas to the Skidmores' home for dinner with them and their newest family member.  It was so good to spend time with them and to meet sweet Ben!

4-7) The next day, we went to Tulsa to see my grandparents and the rest of my family including another new family member, Josephine!  How sweet is she?!  In between Tulsa and seeing Colin's family, we squeezed in some time with Tom and Ro, who are from England and are currently living in OKC (you may remember them from this phone dump).  They moved to Oklahoma shortly after we moved to California...we really dropped the ball on that one haha

8-13) Sunday morning I got to have breakfast with my best, Bethany (we missed you , Chelsea!!!), before wandering around a few of my very favorite spots in OKC.  Mostly Commonplace Books, Siempre Viva, and Shopgood!


14-15) I just can't resist taking photos out an airplane window, can you blame me?  These were from our flight back to San Jose from Dallas.

16-21) We got back home on Sunday evening, and Monday morning my friend, Rachel, came to stay with us for a week!  We mostly relaxed the first few days she was here, reading in the Rose Garden, cooking at my apartment, and driving up to the East Hills (thanks to her for that stellar phone shot of Colin and me) :)


22-26) On Thursday, Rachel's husband (and my childhood friend) Derek, came to join her in SJ, and we spent the next two days exploring Carmel and Santa Cruz!  You'll have to wait until this Friday to see photos from our time in San Francisco though.  I've decided to end this post on last Friday so I have more than two photos to show you at the end of this week haha

Is anyone else just needing a break these days?  Geez.

This week we'll be playing catch up after being gone then busy for almost two weeks straight!  I hope your short week is so good for you.



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