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Friday Phone Dump

“ ‘cause you were never empty and we’ve been here before. yes, we’ve been here before. but now there’s always plenty, yet still we ask for more. singing fever to the form”

// Nick Mulvey


1) Downtown San José looking very California

2) OMG. Our friend, Noëmi, got a new puppy named “Caya” and we’re just really obsessed with her! I mean, look at her little faaaaaaaaace.

3-5) Things I like about Summertime :)

6-10) Colin’s dad and stepmom were in town last week, so I went to San Francisco to work from a lovely coffee shop and met up with them after I was finished. You all know I love SF, so of course it was a great time.

11-12) More pretty flowers

13) Bozeman’s 4th of July look

14) Aaaaaaand Bozeman stealing my spot when I got up for 30 seconds while I was working- little cutie.


15-16) The last thing we did while Colin’s dad and stepmom were here was go to a San José Giants game! The stadium is so cute and tiny and has a lovely view of the Santa Cruz mountains. I loved it.

17) I don’t take photos very often when we’re skyping/face timing with our friends in England, but I took this photo so I could show Josh my new laptop so I thought I’d add it here :) Long distance friendship, y’all.


18-20) A golden hour bike ride involving a rose that I found on the sidewalk that smelled like sweet-tarts

21-22) A morning moment and an evening moment.

It’s been a busy but quiet week for us, so this weekend we’ll be cleaning and being boring in preparation for a busy rest of our Summer. I hope your weekend is so good.