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Friday Phone Dump

“After everything you’ve been through, I hope something beautiful happens for you. I hope you look back on this season in awe of the unexpected, seeing how so much came together in ways you never thought it could. Because, somehow, through it all, life still managed to be good. Meaningful moments still fell into place when there were so many things unknown.”

// Morgan Harper Nichols

Hi friends, thanks for stopping by for this Friday Phone Dump! In case you haven’t noticed, it’s been a little quiet around here (and on Instagram) for awhile. There’s no specific reason other than I felt the need to slow down a bit this Summer, so that’s what I’m doing. I’m working on some fun photos to show you hopefully soon, but until then I appreciate your patience. Now, onward:

1) Bozeman in his cutie bandana again :)

2) Pauline and I got to do another little styled shoot with Lauren, and I’m so glad we did! These people are just lovely- we had lots of fun just playing around with this one.

3-8) I went to the main Everlane office to work a few weeks ago because I needed to be in San Francisco for a meeting before and had dinner plans after, and as usual it was great! That space is beautiful (even the bathroom floors…where that photo of my shoes was taken…you’re welcome) and I super love all of my full-time customer experience friends too. And y’all know how much I love San Francisco in general sooo, it was a good day.

9-12) A day that was made even better by my dear friend, Steph! In case you’re wondering, yes, Steph was just in San Jose a few weeks earlier with her son, Ben. She came back to San Francisco for work, and we got to have dinner at Gracias Madre (which was a DF/GF/Mexican food dream) then walked to Mission Dolores Park and back to Dandelion. I’ve been to Dandelion once before, but I hadn’t say and enjoyed more than their samples until we went with Steph. Holy. Wow. If you like chocolate AT ALL, you’ve got to add this place to your list.


13-14) We went to another San Jose Giants game with some friends from Colin’s office, and we won this time! Seriously, it’s such a cute stadium/set up they have there. Plus, it was Christmas in July night sooo that was fun! We didn’t know about the theme until we got there, or we would have brought our Christmas sweaters :)

15) Can you see the little hummingbird in my neighbor’s yard?!

16-19) I took the train up to Palo Alto for an afternoon to run some errands, so here are some details from that trip. Gotta love a pretty train station.

20) We went to Houston with our friend, Blake, to visit our friends, Sean, Sheila, and their son, Cyrus! I barely took any photos (most of these are Blake’s), but here’s one that I love of Colin and Blake playing with Cyrus- a bunch of cuties.

21-26) We spent our time in Houston eating BBQ, skyping with our other friends, visiting the Houston Museum of Natural Science, dancing in the rain, and going to the pool. Thanks again to Sean and Sheila for having us- we love you all!

27-28) Blake and I drove up to OKC after Houston, but not before stopping at the v cute Catalina Coffee. The line was to the back door, and the tea I got there was definitely worth the wait!

29-30) I stayed with my best, Bethany, when I was in OKC which involved taking her to the car shop since her car was having issues (she has a new one now- yay!) which is where I took that photo of the chairs. That’s her sweet pup, Riley, who took Bozeman’s spot while I worked at her house :) Riley was just a little baby puppy when we lived together in college, so it’s crazy to hang out with her now that’s she’s so big!

31-32) I finally got to spend a few minutes with my other best, Chelsea, and her two sweet boys, Townes and Nash, while I was in OKC! We only got to see the boys for about 15 minutes before they went to bed and we went to dinner, but I can’t believe how big they both are already! Townes was born on our 4 year wedding anniversary and now he’s like a FULL TODDLER KID. I mean, what even.

Also, I love you, Beth and Chelsea <3

33-34) I went up to Tulsa with my mom to see family for a night, and before I left my sweet cousin brought me to The Gathering Place- Tulsa’s beautiful new park. It was so lovely and well designed, and I’d definitely recommend it if you ever find yourself in Tulsa! Also, we parked almost exactly where Colin’s old apartment used to be (it was torn down when the park was made), so that was pretty weird.

35) On my last night in OKC, I went to another new place with Blake, Brian, and Morgan called The Collective which was so great and sweet. I love all of those people too. So far, I love everyone apparently :)

36-39) Airplane vibes feat. Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix and the sierra mountains!

40-43) Back in San Jose just snuggling with Bozeman and trying to get out more haha

Also, Fall isn’t exactly “here” but it’s definitely coming at some point. We’ve been going back and forth between v hot days and cool breezes so who really knows?


44-45) We had a picnic in the Rose Garden this week with our friend, Bethany, who lives in SF (Della, this is the Bethany you introduced us to!) which was, of course, lovely. Indian food plus sunsets in the Rose Garden are pretty hard to beat if you ask me.

This weekend we have a cookout with Colin’s office and lots of cleaning :) I hope your weekend finds you with a good book and great people!